Project Detail

This project for Vignaioli Pugliesi involved transforming an empty and outdated space into a sophisticated and refined dining destination. The design team's primary objective was to create an elegant and luxurious atmosphere that reflected the restaurant's brand and elevated the dining experience for customers. The team focused on creating a harmonious balance between classic and modern design elements, utilizing high-end materials and finishes. The color palette was carefully curated to create a sense of warmth and richness, with deep shades of burgundy and blue complemented by gold accents. The main dining area features a combination of intimate seating arrangements, with a mix of banquettes, tables, and chairs, all designed to offer a comfortable and elegant dining experience. The lighting is carefully considered, with a combination of statement chandeliers and discreet accent lighting to create a subtle and sophisticated ambiance. The bar area is a key focal point, with a striking custom-designed bar featuring a backlit onyx top and a brass and glass liquor display.

  • Client Vignaioli Pugliesi
  • Acreage 820.00 m 2
  • Date April 2019