Project Detail

The luxury atelier designed by our interior designer is a space that exudes elegance and sophistication, with every detail meticulously crafted to create a luxurious and inviting environment. From the moment you step inside, you are transported to a world of refined beauty and impeccable taste.
The color scheme is understated yet glamorous, with muted tones of ivory, champagne, and gold creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The furniture is carefully selected to complement the space, with plush seating and custom-designed cabinets and display cases that showcase the designer's work in an aesthetically pleasing way.
The lighting is also a key element of the design, with soft ambient lighting that highlights the beauty of the materials and finishes used throughout the space. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the design, from the intricate ceiling moldings to the luxurious textiles used in the upholstery and draperies

  • Client Lucia Melillo
  • Acreage 100.00 m 2
  • Date January 2022